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"Come Down Hard on Me" is the fourth track from the Jimi Hendrix album "Crash Landing" which was released posthumously in 1975. Crash Landing was the first release produced by Alan Douglas, and immediately caused controversy. The liner notes of the album indicated that Douglas used several session musicians, none of whom had ever even met Hendrix, to re-record or overdub guitar, bass, drums, and percussion on the album, erasing the contributions of the original musicians and changing the feel of the songs (Hendrix' vocals and guitar contributions were retained). This was evidently done to give a finish to songs that were works in progress or may have been recorded as demos. Douglas also added female backing vocals to the title track. The album peaked at numbers five in the US and 35 in the UK, the highest chart positions since The Cry of Love. The album reached number 5 in Canada, and was number 38 in the year-end chart.