“ I started experimenting with sounds that expressed my feelings, whether happy or sad, bouncy or bluesy. I was looking for ways to let my guitar sing.”

B.B. King




(Top Row L to R)

Radial Bones Twin City ABY

Strymon Timeline

Strymon Mobius

Eventide H9 Max

(Middle Row L to R)

Boss RC-3 Looper

Boss BD-2 (Keeley)

T.C.E – H.O.F. Reverb

Ibanzez TS808 (Keeley)

Analog.man King of Tone Overdrive

Boss TU3

(Bottom Row L to R)

GigRig G2

Lehle Mono Volume S

EH Nano Freeze


Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+

GigRig Generator & Power Kit

George L's Cables

Pedaltrain Classic 3 Board

(Off Board)

Dunlop - Custom Audio Electronics - Cry Baby Wah

Boss FS-5U



'98 Bourgeois - Country Boy

'01 Fender Stratocaster -'57 Reissue - Pups (Pick Ups): Kinman MK3's

'68 Fender Telecaster - Pups: Lollar Special T(N), Lollar Special T(B)

'05 Fender Telecaster - Pups: Fender Noiseless T(N), Seymour Duncan (Brent Mason) T(B)

'92 Gibson Les Paul - Standard - Pups: Stock 498T, 490R,

'00 Gibson SG -'61 Reissue - Pups: Stock '57 Classics

'17 Gretch Electromatic Pro Jet - Pups: Stock Black Top Filter'tron

'14 Ibanez AM93 - Pups: Stock Custom 58's



'14 Alessandro Crossbred Mutt

'68 Fender Super Reverb

'15 Two Rock Studio 50/15


Digital Effects and Amp Modeler

Line 6 - Pod Farm 2.5

Line 6 - Pod HD500X



Elixir Nanoweb LTHB (.010-.052)/Electric

Elixir Ployweb LTHB (.012-.056)/Acoustic



Bluechip TD40/Electric

Bluechip TD50/Acoustic