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"Dreams" is the sixth track from the debut self titled studio album by American rock band the Allman Brothers Band. It was released in the United States by Atco Records and Capricorn Records on November 4, 1969 and produced by Adrian Barber. Formed in 1969, the Allman Brothers Band came together following various musical pursuits by each individual member. Following session work, Duane Allman moved to Jacksonville, Florida where he led large jam sessions with his new band, one he had envisioned as having two guitarists and two drummers. After rounding out the lineup with the addition of his brother, Gregg Allman, the band moved to Macon, Georgia, where they were to be one of the premiere acts on Capricorn. The album was recorded and mixed in two weeks at Atlantic Studios in New York City. Much of its material was premiered live over the preceding months and combines blues, jazz and country music to varying degrees. It includes re-workings of "Trouble No More" and "Don't Want You No More," as well as notable originals such as "Dreams", which highlighted the band's jazz influence, and "Whipping Post", which became a crowd favorite. Dreams was developed from a jam in which the band toyed with the theme to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and it begins with "intricate, subdued drums playing under a soft organ with only the hint of guitars before Gregg begins singing about disillusionment and broken dreams. Betts said of Duane's playing that ""Dreams” was, I think, one of the best performances he did on record, as far as the Allman Brothers Band. You know, he’d performed on a lot of people’s records, but the slide thing he did on “Dreams”, he was really proud of that, and he had a lot of fun playing it when we did it live."