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"Since I've Been Loving You" is a song by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, released on the 1970 album Led Zeppelin III. This was one of the first songs prepared for the Led Zeppelin III album. The song was recorded live in the studio with very little overdubbing. It was reportedly the hardest to record. One story mentions Jimmy Page taking a break following a series of failed attempts to track the solo. Seemingly unable to get the tone he was craving, he set about a walk around the studio to clear his mind. Sitting outside of the recording area was an unplugged amplifier, which he utilised, and recorded the solo we hear today on the next take. Audio engineer Terry Manning called it "The best rock guitar solo of all time."John Paul Jones played Hammond organ on the song, using the bass pedals for the bass line. This recording was done using John Bonham's Ludwig Speed King model #201, the pedal he used for his entire career and which was known as the "Squeak King" because of the excessive squeaking that can be heard on some recordings, especially on this track.